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baby journal for the rainbow family

baby journal for the rainbow family

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Baby journal for the rainbow family.

'My First Years - memories & treasures' is a unique scrapbook for all the special moments from your child's first years that should be written down, before time flies away with them.

Describe baby's first days, development and personality. What is baby's first word, name of the favourite teddy bear, and title of the book you love to read together? In this book you can describe all these special moments from the pregnancy, birth and your child's first years. Write it down, so you remember all the details as your child grows and wants to hear about the first years.

Pages: 118

expand your album

What makes 'My First Years - memories & treasures' (blue album) particularly unique and very practical is the smart ringbinder function in the books that allows you to decide how much you want to add and fill in. There is also the possibility to purchase extra pages and plastic pockets for your album so you can create your own personal book.

This edition of our baby journal is also available to fill in online. Personalize your pages with photos and words and we will print them for you, so you can add them gradually to your Specialday album. Click here to read more and start filling out your baby journal online, easy and convenient.

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