minder & gemmer nr. 5

minder & gemmer nr. 5

- Name and age?

My name is Laura Short and I am a creative director and photographer with two children, age 4 and 9. We are a very close-knit family and live in an apartment in Aarhus, together with my husband Christopher Philip.

- Why did you choose Specialdays baby journals and why are they so important to fill out? 

I have filled in both baby books (My first year and Min Barndom, which I am still filling in) for my children and cherish them deeply as they are full of pictures, scans of when they were still in my belly and memories that I am so glad I wrote down since otherwise they would be forgotten. I absolutely love the cover of all the books and am a huge fan of Cecilie Svanberg. Her designs are delicate yet not too sweet and she uses amazing colours.
I gave my mother and father the Mormor and Morfar books last Christmas, they have yet to fill them in but they were so happy to be given this meaningful present which can be passed down to the children when they are older.

- Which page is your favourite? 

My favourite page is the page where you fill in the favourite things, since they can change quickly but also are the early signs of the characteristics of the child.