Mothers Day Q&A

Mothers Day Q&A

As a part of our Mothers Day celebration we have done a small Q&A with three mothers who are all part of Specialday in some way.

Tanja - owner & founder of Specialday

I am Tanja Bjerring, founder of Specialday and mother of Thea, aged 18 and twins Nola & Wilbert, aged 7. 

What are the best things about being a mother?

The best things about being a mother is the privilige that I in fact I was able to become a mother. None of my pregnancies have come easy so I really feel thankful that I today am the mother of three healthy children. Other than that, the best thing about being a mother is to watch and follow my children grow.

My eldest daughter, Thea is 18 and well on her way to becoming a strong and independent young woman. It makes me proud. My twins, Nola & Wilbert are 7 and just this year at an age where we communicate on a different level than when they were younger. They are curious and want to learn. It is amazing to be able to experience.

Favorite places in Denmark?

Anywhere by the sea. I love the ocean and always get a feeling of wanting to jump in when I look into the water. I also love the city of Copenhagen. The city has everything to offer – amazing restaurants, beautiful shops with design and fashion unlike few cities in the world, museums, theatres, parks – all close to canals and the water. 

Places to go with kids?

My kids have reached an age where they enjoy going to the theatre, which I also really enjoy. We also enjoy going to museums - in Copenhagen we love DAC and Copenhagen Contemporary and also Arken. All museums with modern art and lots of room for kids to explore.

I also really enjoy going somewhere with the kids with no particular purpose - just to wonder around and see what happens. Like most other families, our weekdays are quite busy and we always have something we must do, so to go somewhere with no purpose than to explore and see what happens.

I am not so good at playgrounds - I actually find it a little boring and I do not mind at all that my children are starting to outgrow many playgrounds :D

Five things you are loving right now? 

Like most Danes - the much anticipated season of spring where my family spend much more time outdoors and we tend to be more spontaneous and a season for when I ride the kids to and from school in my cargo bike.

My beautiful garden.

Planning our family summer holiday - hopefully to Greece again which we always enjoy.

The very exciting year ahead for Specialday. 

- And not least, a special project that we are launching in Autumn. 

Mille - Specialday board member

I am Mille Collin, independent consultant working in the fields of interior, art direction, set design and brand strategy. Mother of Elliot aged 18, Gilbert aged 16, and Nolan aged 5. Their full, and crazy long, names are Elliot Winston, Gilbert Coltrane Vegas and Nolan Jagger Day. I'm planning on throwing in Indiana as a middle name for all of us...

What are the best things about being a mother?

Watching them turn into real people, who you can actually lead a conversation with. About actual things - like how to be a good friend or the war in Ukraine. It makes me so proud that I, and their dad, have made not one, but three, human beings, who are all real teenagers and real five year olds - but at the same time really good company. They are fun and funny and fierce and considerate boys who I love and love to hang out with.

It also melts my heart how a person who is 16 can bond with a person who still sleeps between his parents - over things like the taste of an ice cream or a funny video on youtube. 

Favorite places in Denmark?

I have just spent a night at Falsled Kro, and it was amazing. No less. The beds, the bathroom, the garden and the food, the food, the food. We arrived - me and my two best friends - for afternoon tea, then had a five course dinner, which was more like ten servings, wine, coffee and petit fours. Then a deep sleep followed by a morning walk by the water and then a heavenly breakfast. We stopped at Faaborg Museum on the way home - an amazing and colourfull collection of paintings and sculptures by the great artists of the island Funen.

Places to go with kids?

NOT Falsled Kro. Having children with such a big age gap, it is hard to please everyone at the same time. But food usually brings us together - and a swimming pool. This year we all look forward to spending time at our family summer cottage in Rørvig (there's no pool, but a to die for beach), where we will definitely go visit Brantebjerg eatery like every year. 

Five things you are loving right now? 

The nice weather (this winter has been extraordinarily warm).

My new small brand COSCH, which makes leisure wear out of old sail cloth.

That all my 3 boys are graduating (from high school, elementary school and kindergarten) and are ready for new adventures.

That I as the last person on earth have discovered yoga, and have done a session every day for the last month.

To wake up looking at the sun trying to sneak in through my new yellow and cream striped curtains in our bedroom.

Line - Graphic & Content Manager at Specialday

I am Line Storgaard, Graphic & Content Manager at Specialday and co-founder of a little project called Bunny & Moon. Mother of Cleo, aged 4. 

What are the best things about being a mother?

For me it has been a big thing realising how much we can learn from our children about life and what’s important.

I have a little dreamer who’s thinking and sensing a lot - as I am myself. I love how she has giving me a new dimension to life and making me understand and know myself better. I think it’s amazing to see how she is is very opinionated (even though this is not always that amazing… ;) and curious about life, and I just love exploring with her.

Favorite places in Denmark?

So many great places in our little country.. We share a summer house with my sister in a small town called Rågeleje in the northern Zealand. This is where we grew up and the area is very dear to me. Right now the drive from Copenhagen to the summer house is the most beautiful. Yellow rapeseed fields and light green trees characterize the landscape in the most beautiful way. 

Places to go with kids?

I love to switch between using the city - museums, playgrounds, Tivoli and all of the great food and coffee spots. When the weather is allowing it, we also love to take our dinner to our local park having a little picnic.

When we are at the countryside we go to the ocean, Heatherhill - one of my favourite places at all seasons, visiting farms like Tothaven or Rabarbergården and just enjoying all of the local places to get fresh eggs and vegetables. 'Grønt fra Kolsbæk' is a fantastic place to get some greens. We also love to make food outside in the garden or forest. Cleo’s dad always has a little Trangia in the back of the car ;)


Five things you are loving right now? 


Growing our own food. Cleo has grown small tomato plants in our windows that we are about to put in our greenhouse. I can't wait to make galette with homegrown tomatoes.  

Flea markets (I often go to the ones outside of Copenhagen to get the good finds and for less coins). 

I have this thing for keepsake boxes. My mom has made beautiful textile boxes since I was little and I also find them vintage or wherever I stumble on some i like. Specialday has just made some lovely keepsake boxes that Cleo has in her room for her drawing stuff and just all of her small findings (she’s definitely loving bits and bobs as much as I do). 

That I still have all of my Grandparents! There has been a lot of sickness lately, but they are still here and i try to spend as much time with them as possible.

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